Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IMAC . . for something different

IMAC at Monarto Field - March 7th 2009

Yes . . some of the Pattern guys flew IMAC for a rest?

L to R: John Tonks, Jeff Boyd, Neil Martin

Neil Martin, Chris Watson and myself flew at the IMAC "come and try" day and had a ball. We were also joined by "Mr. Competition" Tonksy who road his racer up to give us moral support. John has a Comp-ARF EXTRA on the work bench for these events, but has been concentrating on Pattern recently to good effect.

Pundi - doing what he does best . . not an IMAC schedule
It was a good turn-out with some 16 entries !
I flew a Pattern plane at this event, and felt like a Choir Boy at a Harley Convention ;o) My 35% EXTRA 260 is close although not close enough .. but it was great fun, particularly enjoying the "unknowns". That segment is a LOT of fun.

Comp-ARF Super Extra of Scotty Bradley

Neil Martin flew his Laser with a DL50 for power and was competitive immediately with very little practice, while Chris Watson flew his 'Majestic' 50 size Pattern Plane.

Pundi STILL doing what he does best ;o)

It was a long day, starting at about 8:40am and finishing around 5:30pm . . I was beginning to wonder whether I would be "clear headed" enough to fly Pattern the next day ! Turned out I wasn't . . flying the worst I have in a little while :o(

EXTRA 260 of Simon Butterworth

Anyway, enjoy the pics courtesy of Simon Butterworth.