Sunday, August 30, 2009


This event, held in Portugal, has been run and won.

Multiple World Champion, Christophe Paysant LeRoux, has added the 2009 F3A Crown to his impressive list.

Congratulations from all here at SAPA.

Final results here:

Benoit and Christophe - 2nd and 1st at the World Championship (Pic from French Champs)

A young Christophe in early competition

Great pictures from the event:

"How can we beat CPLR" - Bryan Hebert and Bret Wickizer

The long walk . .

Recognise this guy ????? . . (6th place for JAS ! )

Gerhard Mayr, Austria - 5th


Quique Somenzini (right) with JAS caller

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aussies at the World Champs - Portugal 2009

We all have the chance to follow the efforts and Ozzies view at the World Champs in Portugal through Meredith Coram's posts on her blog . .

This event will be held over August 21 - 29.

We look forward to the Meredith Coram's postings and pics . . [click on the link below]

THE PLR BROTHERS 1st and 2nd at the WORLD CHAMPS !
Official FINAL results here:
Official Pre-Final results are here:
Official Preliminary Results here:

Progressive Preliminary Scores can be found here:
The official Site for the FAI-F3A World Champs 2009 is here . .

The USA Team blog on Flying Giants . .

Cindy Wickizer's blog (mother of USA Team member Brett Wickizer). Expect some 'up close and personal' info and pics here . .

Ola Fremming - Norwegian Team member's Web Site . .

Chad Northeast - Canadian Team Member's Blog . .

Nice video of the Spanish Team and also Silvestri flying his new "Wind S Pro" :o)