Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aussies at the World Champs - Portugal 2009

We all have the chance to follow the efforts and Ozzies view at the World Champs in Portugal through Meredith Coram's posts on her blog . .

This event will be held over August 21 - 29.

We look forward to the Meredith Coram's postings and pics . . [click on the link below]

THE PLR BROTHERS 1st and 2nd at the WORLD CHAMPS !
Official FINAL results here:
Official Pre-Final results are here:
Official Preliminary Results here:

Progressive Preliminary Scores can be found here:
The official Site for the FAI-F3A World Champs 2009 is here . .

The USA Team blog on Flying Giants . .

Cindy Wickizer's blog (mother of USA Team member Brett Wickizer). Expect some 'up close and personal' info and pics here . .

Ola Fremming - Norwegian Team member's Web Site . .

Chad Northeast - Canadian Team Member's Blog . .

Nice video of the Spanish Team and also Silvestri flying his new "Wind S Pro" :o)


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