Monday, November 3, 2008

SAPA Two Day Pattern Competition August 16th and 17th at Skyhawks

Well we have been familiar with the grey skies, wind and rain in recent weeks, and Saturday dawned much the same . . no surprises there. That's how the day started, and basically remained all day, with periodic showers bidding a hasty retreat to shelter.

We had a better roll-up to this comp than we have had all year, aided by the Mildura contingent who travelled to fly with us at this meeting. The group consisted of Glenn Orchard flying the F3A Class (Glenn is also a Australian Team member travelling to Taiwan in October competing in the COACC Asia Pacific event), Dave Nugent and his young son James (flying in Sportsman and Expert classes respectively) and Jason Sparks in Advanced (who is also a commercial pilot flying for Qantas).
It is great that they travel to fly with us, as we really enjoy their company and have all become very good friends with them. Two day events are always popular with interstate pilots as the extra flying it makes it worth the trip.

The competition day started with Jeff Boyd maidening his new Composite-ARF Integral (NOT what you are supposed to do with Pattern planes at competitions ;-). Unfortunately he had Pump problems so resorted to his trusty Impact for the first day of the competition. He was that happy with it's initial flight he vowed to forgo the social dinner on Saturday night and replace the pump ready for Sunday.

The competition flights got underway, with some flying well and others showing a lack of 'stick time' due to recent weather conditions. Generally, the standard was pretty good. Young James (I think he is 10 now ! ! ) flew VERY well in the Expert class showing skill and precision beyond his years . . how good is James? Apparently he has been offered sponsorship from a very well known overseas Pattern Aircraft manufacturer. Stay tuned to the news on this kid, as from what we have seen, there is potentially BIG things coming for James internationally.

The rain kept coming with some pilots landing under heavy rain, and only because the judges score sheets were so wet, the pens wouldn't write on them . .

On the Saturday we got to witness a couple of pilots in Harold and Andrew fly the new "club class" Sports Aerobatics. This is a new club based class that has a good spread of introductory style manoeuvres mainly for fun. They both flew really well for their first attempts, taking to it like "ducks to water" (almost literally :-). They both mentioned that they are keen to have another go.

After the day was done, the Pattern crew met up at the Brahma Lodge Hotel for dinner, some ales and a tale or two as is customary with two day competitions, before retiring to refresh for another crack at it all on Sunday.

GlennO showed why he is considered one of the TOP Pattern pilots in Australia with his demonstration of tremendous skill and precision consistent through all his rounds. Eventually a clear winner of the F3A class on the weekend.
Neil Martin had minor engine issues to contend with but flew very well to finish in second. As promised, Jeff fitted a new pump to his Integral overnight, and after a little tuning, took off and flew the F3A schedule in practice without issue. He was very happy with the result, and although not finely trimmed for competition flying was more than happy to compete with it, finishing 3rd.

Expert class had Matthew Cosier and James Nugent battling for the class win with James flying superbly edging out the spirited flying of Matt for the win. We have heard that Matt is taking delivery of a Oxai Pinnacle with YS160 power. It's an awesome combination, and in Matt's hands is sure to get some great results.

In Advanced class there was Mildura's Jason Sparks flying against Graham Prestidge. The battle raged, and no-one was really sure who was doing better, however in the end Graham was the clear winner of this class.

Sportsman saw Mildura's Dave Nugent flying against Jeremy Angel. Dave is flying better every time we see him, and Jeremy is improving all the time too, but Daves smoothness and consistency gave him the ascendancy in this class.

At the end of the day, everybody was a winner, as these events are always great fun and the company of like minded individuals is always enjoyable. Special thanks to Greg Mildren for coming out to judge, Verna Martin for assisting with the score collating over the two days, and Jeremy Angel for his great organization.

The next event is at the Strathalbyn club field on Sunday September the 14th. Any one who is interested in coming out to try "Sports Aerobatics" simply turn up some time during the day and we will fit you in for a fly and help in any way we can . . look forward to seeing you there.

Skyhawks August - 2 Day Competition Held 16/08/2008
Competitor Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Total
1 Graham Prestidge 1000.0 1000.0 758.76 1000.0 916.05 0.00 3916.0
301.50 296.00 195.00 262.50 245.50 0.00
2 Jason Sparks 849.09 898.65 1000.0 948.57 1000.0 0.00 3847.2
256.00 266.00 257.00 249.00 268.00 0.00
1 James Nugent 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 0.00 4000.0
356.50 357.00 335.50 400.00 409.50 0.00
2 Matthew Cosier 769.99 756.30 669.15 843.75 777.78 0.00 3147.8
274.50 270.00 224.50 337.50 318.50 0.00
1 Glenn Orchard 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 995.42 0.00 4000.0
454.00 457.50 465.50 468.50 435.00 0.00
2 Neil Martin 832.60 869.95 784.10 930.63 1000.0 0.00 3633.1
378.00 398.00 365.00 436.00 437.00 0.00
3 Jeff Boyd 850.22 761.75 839.96 831.38 903.89 0.00 3425.4
386.00 348.50 391.00 389.50 395.00 0.00
1 David Nugent 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 1000.0 0.00 4000.0
192.50 189.50 177.50 195.00 213.50 0.00
2 Jeremy Angel 945.46 920.84 926.76 979.49 971.90 0.00 3823.6
182.00 174.50 164.50 191.00 207.50 0.00

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