Saturday, November 29, 2008

The South Australian Pattern Championships, November 1 and 2, 2008.

The South Australian Pattern Championships were held at the Constellation field on November 1 and 2, 2008.

18 Pilots from South Australia and Victoria originally entered this event, with only two late scratchings reducing the final numbers to 16.

Sunday's weather forecast was not looking favourable, so all pilots flew four rounds on Saturday in case the weather caused a premature end to the contest. Strong winds Saturday blew from the north east, however most pilot still managed to put together some nice flights. SA's John Tonks returned to F3A after quite a number of years out, his experience and skill certainly showed in the conditions performing some tidy flights for impressive scores with his electric powered Sebart Angel (boy, those Angels are an impressive plane).

Rob Clarke flew his impressive electric powered Wolfgang Matt designed Oxai "Amethyst" Biplane . . Very nice looking plane with a most amazing build quality.
Sunday, after early morning rain, the wind direction shifted to the west and the rain cleared, so the remaining flights were competed and the event concluded at around 2.00pm.

In the end, Glenn Orchard from Mildura won F3A pushed all the way by SA's John Tonks. Expert saw Melbourne's Ron Schultz pilot his Extreme Composite Proline to victory ahead of young James Nugent from Mildura (who borrowed a plane on the Saturday). Advanced had Mildura's Jason Sparks taking the event, and Sportsman saw Mildura's Dave Nugent win from SA's Jeremy Reynolds (with another of those great Sebart Angel's).

The SAPA Perpetual Cup sponsored by Bolly Products was won back this year by Neil Martin. It was a close local contest with the margin over the year being around 20 points or so over Jeff Boyd.

Thanks again to the Constellation Club for allowing us to hold the Championship at their magnificent field, and provide us with a great BBQ. Thanks also to Jeremy Angel for another well run competition aided by Verna Martin and Bev and Henry Hutchinson.

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